Specimen characteristics

Blood and haematogenous preparations

  • Fresh Whole Blood contains erythrocytes, leucocytes, thrombocytes, fibrinogen, coagulation factors and proteins. The blood stored in low temperature (2-6 centigrades) is free from coagulation factors and thrombocytes. The storing time- 35 days.

  • Packed Red Blood Cells is characterized by haematocrit value of 90%. After centrifugation and separation of plasma it contains mainly erythrocytes and leucocytes. The storing time is the same as for Fresh Whole Blood.

  • Fresh Frozen Plasma contains coagulation factors (II, VII, VIII, IX, X) and proteins. Storing time- 5 years in temperature of -30 centigrades.

  • Cryoprecipitate Cryoprecipitate is plasma fraction that contains factors VIII, IX , vWd and fibrinogen. Storing time- 1 year in temperature of -30 centigrades.

We deliver blood derivatives in following packings:

whole blood 1 unit: 450 ml
˝ unit: 225 ml
Ľ unit: 110 ml*
red blood cells concentrate 1 unit: 240 ml
˝ unit: 120 ml*
plasma 1 unit: 200 ml
˝ unit: 100 ml
Ľ unit: 50 ml
cryoprecypitate 1 unit: 20 ml*
* - made only to order

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