blood bank

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In response to great interest and demand from either vets or owners of animals, raisers and potential donors, the Veterinary Blood Bank was founded in Mikołów.

Presently, it is the only one such a facility in whole Silesian region. Bank has been set up in the beginning of 2006 year. The seat of the bank is Veterinary Clinic of Teodorowski family.
The Clinic is surrounded by greenery and located nearby historic garden, almost in the direct center of Mikołów on Żwirki i Wigrury street number 5. Thanks to its favourable localization close by motorway Katowice-Tychy, Katowice-Wisła and Wisła-Gliwice, blood and blood derivatives are delivered very quickly to indicated address. It is extremely important in case of emergency when blood is the most desired for saving life

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